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Beware of Various Diseases due to High Cholesterol

High cholesterol means there is too much fat in the blood. If left unchecked, fat can settle to blood vessels and block blood flow. This condition will cause a number of diseases, including hypertension and heart disease. To avoid various diseases due to high cholesterol, you need to keep cholesterol levels normal. High cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia that is left can make your blood vessels narrow and harden (atherosclerosis). This condition will make you vulnerable to various diseases. Various diseases due to high cholesterol Here are some diseases that occur due to high cholesterol: 1. High blood pressure High blood pressure (hypertension) occurs when the pressure in the blood vessels exceeds normal. One reason is the buildup of cholesterol which makes blood vessels constrict, so the heart needs to work harder and put extra pressure to pump blood. If left unchecked, over time the heart's performance will also be affected. 2. Coronary heart disease High cholesterol
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Apart from calming, religion turns out to be beneficial for health

Religion and spirituality are important aspects in human life. The rituals are taught for generations in various cultures. Aside from being a means to remember the Creator and draw closer to Him, religion also has benefits for our health, you know. Adhering to certain religions and beliefs is closely related to one's spiritual life and health condition. From a research, it is known that regular religious activities can increase life expectancy up to 2-3 years. People who regularly worship according to their beliefs will also feel more peaceful, calm, happy, and filled with feelings of affection from and towards those around them. Some of these are the reasons why religion can make someone healthier. The Benefits of Religion for Health Knowing the benefits of religion for health may make you more enthusiastic about worshiping. So, let's look at the various benefits below: 1. Teach you a healthy way of life Most religions encourage their adherents to do healthy things, s

Overeat When Emotions Don't Be Left, Stop This Way

Do you often experience sudden want to eat when facing problems? Or, eat a lot without hunger pangs? That condition is commonly referred to as emotional eating. If left unchecked, this can have a negative impact on health, you know. Emotional eating is overeating when in an emotional state, without being accompanied by hunger. Someone will usually eat emotionally to forget the sadness or problems being faced. If allowed to continue, emotional eating can cause obesity. How to Stop Emotional Eating Here are some ways you can stop emotional eating: Find stressors The first thing you can do is find the cause of stress. Try writing in a notebook to identify stressors. For example what foods you eat, what feelings you feel, and what things you think about while eating. In this way, you can find out what triggers stress, such as being left behind by a spouse, fighting with friends, or stress at work. Look for activities to distract After knowing what triggers stress, you can